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Throw out that ugly collection of matchbooks and upgrade with a handmade ceramic Match Striker. They make the perfect gift for friends and family or for yourself. Place next to your favorite candle, with your humidor, on your coffee table, or in your bathroom.

Wheel thrown with speckled clay, left to air dry, trimmed then put in the kiln to be bisque fired. The striker is hand sanded then painted with a mixture of glazes, and fired at high temperature.Multiples are available by custom order, please contact me for more information on pricing and shipping.Instructions for lighting strike anywhere match: Use the unglazed ring at the top of the holder to light match. Make sure to strike the white and green section of match head at the same time to light. This product only works with STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES. It will not work with a regular match. Kit is included.* Color: Teal
* Approx. Height: 1.5” Width: 2.75” Weight: 4 oz. (Varies)
* Hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay item
* Strike-anywhere Match starter kit is included.


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