This lovely bowl will make a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It is the perfect size for serving from at the table and sturdy enough to use for mixing. When not in use it will look great as a centerpiece for a table or as a fruit bowl. I leave a bit of swirl in the bottom of the bowl to show the spin of the wheel.

The bowl measures about ten inches in diameter and four inches tall. I find this to be a good all around size for many uses and it won’t take up to much space even in a smaller kitchen.

The glaze is a lovely color of plum in the background overlaid with turquoise and pale green. Around the rim you can see the warm glow of the naturally red stoneware clay.

This bowl is safe to use with food, in your microwave, dishwasher, and oven. I never use any lead in any of the glazes I put on my pottery. I mix all of the glazes myself from the raw minerals. They are also all tested rigorously in our busy home kitchen!

If you decide to order this bowl please keep in mind that I will be making it just for you after I recieve the order. It will be nearly identical to the bowl in the photos but it will take me a few weeks to complete. Thanks for checking it out!



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