Speckled white, rustic black, rustic blue, or creamy brown stoneware hanging planters
Approximately 6-6 1/2”wide
3-3 1/4” tall
These beauties hang from jute twine.
Perfect for succulents or any plant.

Each planter is individually made on the pottery wheel.
No two pieces are exactly alike

As with any planter without a hole for draining, it is best to place sand or small pebbles in the bottom of the planter before adding your plant. This will keep your plant healthy by preventing the roots from rotting.

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  • Handmade item
  • Materials: handmade planters, blue pottery, rustic black, Mud, Clay, White glaze, Stoneware, Pottery, Ceramics, Planters, Hanging planters, Twine, Wheel thrown


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