Today I’m sharing this beautiful collection of gifts for plant lovers. My own quest to make plants a reality, a true, living reality in my home continues. As you know, the body count in my plant cemetery is at critical mass, but I strive to find a way to incorporate our living friends into my interiors.

If you’re anything like me, then Another Studio has the answer. Designers Aimee and Hannah opened Another Studio, a design company catering to our household plant addictions, in 2009 and I can honestly say, I love what they are doing.

I never would have thought that plants might need a little decoration too, but Another Studio has created these adorable hanging animals, crafted from brass, to sit on (in my case) the remains of your dying house plants, drawing the eye to their cute and distinctive frogs and sloths, and away from the browning husks of what once was deemed to be an “evergreen” (I beg to differ!).

At affordable prices and worth every penny, the Plant Animal range comes in a full 10 animals to collect and adorn your greenery with (Sloth, Orangutan, Chameleon, Koala, Bush Baby, Tree Frog, Panda, Spider Monkey, Raccoon and Flying Squirrel). They simply attach by folding the tiny hands into place and with one quick fix, the skeleton of your dead plant looks a thousand times better – thanks girls!

But seriously, these tiny Plant Animal decorations are something I definitely need in my life, and they also make great gifts for plant lovers. My next investment will be to buy some more faux plants to adorn with these crafty creatures to truly do them the justice they deserve. And I have a few friends who might be gifted these too!

But if, unlike me you prefer a living breathing plant in your house, the girls have come to the rescue once again. Their Houseplant Care Cards are a must for any floraphiliacs (is that a word?) out there, with 35 beautifully designed cards to help you keep your green fingers from falling off.

These cards discuss optimum light conditions, watering tips, how to avoid killing your plants by rotting their roots and how not to butcher them when moving them to a bigger pot. Where were these cards at the start of my plant genocide, eh?

Another studio also produces miniature plant buildings, like architectural terrariums that would look amazing in any house, regardless of your interior tastes. In collaboration with model making company Finch & Fouracre, these plant houses stand at 9.5cm tall and come flat packed to put together yourself. They are etched and are made of a range of efficient and eco-friendly materials and come complete with everything you will need to grow your tiny garden in the walls of these chic little buildings.

As if that weren’t enough, they also offer a whole range of plant- and animal-themed stationary and cards and ornate decorations (the brass birds are a personal favourite of mine, along with the rage of mini-onaires).

These would make fantastic gifts for plant lovers or why not treat yourself. You know you deserve this!

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